Supplier Quality Assurance - 校園招聘

Supplier Quality Assurance - 校園招聘

Shanghai, Shanghai
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The Role

Supplier Quality Assurance is a key role in supply chain that works with Gigafactory Quality Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Production teams and Supplier Industrialization Engineers to make sure parts are launched smoothly and maintain quality during serial production.  He/She will work at the Gigafactory to monitor and improve part quality, follow up on part quality issues and implement countermeasures to ensure part quality and supply are stable.



  • Be the key bridge person between the supplier and Gigafactory to communicate part quality status and drive corrective action implementation.
  • Lead SCAR (Supplier Corrective Action Request), sorting, and rework activity with supplier and the Gigafactory internal team. 
  • Coordinate and drive PCR and ECO activity; provide feedback and follow up instructions to supplier accordingly.


  • 0-2 years of work experience in quality or other process critical operations in relevant commodity area. 
  • Good quality tool knowledge and experience with quality tools being used in different scenarios.  Excellent capability for trouble shooting and reporting.
  • Ability to evaluate and analyze data to make decisions of part failure mode.
  • Passionate and relentless in following up on issues until a final resolution is achieved and sustained process improvements are deployed and verified.
  • Excellent communication, both internally with the team and with other Tesla stakeholders as well as externally with suppliers.
  • Demonstrated experience delivering results in an unstructured and fast paced environment.  Flexibility and adaptability are key.
  • Familiar with MS Office, especially Excel and Powerpoint
  • Experience with automotive plant quality is a plus.

·    Need to accommodate with night shift operations

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